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WE have the CAN DO ATTITUDE, EFFORT and CUSTOMER SERVICE to grow as you grow within our FGLK Network.

Finger Lakes Railway (FGLK) is a privately owned Class III, short line railroad with corporate headquarters in Geneva, NY. Since July 1995, FGLK operates, markets, and maintains over 167 miles of track currently in 6 upstate New York counties:  Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca,
Ontario, Yates and Schuyler

The rail line runs east to west starting at Solvay, NY
(Syracuse) through Auburn to Geneva and continuing west to Canandaigua and Victor, NY. In addition, a branch line
between Penn Yan and Watkins Glen is connected to the rest of the FGLK system
via trackage rights on the NS Corning Secondary.  Expanding operations also includes plans to
run north from Geneva to the Lyons Industrial Park in Lyons, NY.

FGLK incorporates a "Golden Triangle" approach in their portfolio of competive pricing, good quality car supply and frequency of service.  FGLK also provides pro-active customer service with door to door monitoring of cars both on FGLK and with office traces to ensure better utilization of both railway and customer owned cars.

Rail shippers benefit from competitive pricing to and from all US and Canadian markets
and recognize the benefits of multiple rail access which is more than competitive.
Three major Class I railroads and one regional railway interchange with Finger Lakes Railway.

•   A CSX interchange at Solvay, NY (Syracuse).

•   A Norfolk Southern Interchange at Geneva, NY-
Norfolk Southern's Empire Link also connects 14 Short Lines to create a NS network partnership with small railways in the northeast region.

•   A Canadian Pacific connection through marketing agreements over the NS Corning Secondary to Geneva, NY

•  A New York Susquehanna Western Railway connection at Syracuse, NY

FGLK  has 50+ full time employees with an enthusiastic focus on being your "carrier of choice in the markets we serve" through superior customer service and safety.  FGLK provides rail service that includes daily or weekly switching, based on the industry needs. They have ample leasing or ownership of boxcars, gondolas and have access to additional reliable rail car fleets throughout North America. Shippers recognize the benefits of rail access through logistic cost savings and market reach that is competitive with the under 500-mile truck market and even further. Rock Tenn (corrugated cardboard manufacturer), located in Solvay, NY, recently named Finger Lakes Railway Corp as their 2008 Transportation Supplier of the Year.

FGLK provides door-to-door pricing that encompasses any and all Class I, regional and shortline railways needed for traffic routing. This rail company has an excellent history of car supply and switching services, along with competitive pricing to and from all US and Canadian markets, including import and export. FGLK provides error free accounting and quick problem resolution through their coordination with all transportation providers to meet customers’ delivery dates.  Proactive management of in-transit shipments is achieved by providing real time, car location reports.

Guardian IndustriesGuardian IndustriesCommodities hauled include steel, scrap metals, pulpboard, scrap paper, canned goods, sand, chemicals, salt, aggregates, grain, fertilizers, plastic, corn syrup, clay, soda ash, lumber and building materials like shingles, roofing, panel products and pipe. FGLK also has sophisticated transload areas and team tracks that can extend market reach in the region. FGLK has partnered with a food quality warehouse located in Geneva, NY to provide cross dock or regional storage with efficient pickup/delivery logistics to customers in our region.

The local FGLK rail-served shippers employ over 3000 workers. These shippers annually move over 18,000 carloads.  FGLK provides competitive pricing for 46 commodity groups that include chemicals, grain, fertilizers, lumber and panel products, metals (rebar, bar and scrap), roofing materials, paper, plastics, propane and fuels, salt, scrap paper, dolomite, limestone, sand and soda ash.

In addition, FGLK offers secure, price competitive car storage that can be bid over the phone and warehousing and trans-loading based on customer's requirements. FGLK operates off-line switching services and will bid your projects timely witht he right price, service and staffing.